Achieve a gain of 100%, 200% or more, now, by selling your property in the South of France? Price developments in the property market make it possible!

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Without doubt, there are some buyers of property in the south of France who consider this acquisition, from the start, essentially as an investment. This group has even increased in the last years, being influenced by considerable increase in prices in the property sector. Our experience as agents, however, is that for most buyers of property on the Côte d'Azur, it is not the aspect of investment that predominates but rather the wish to satisfy an emotional need. They do not usually have the drive to "make a deal" or, if so, then this is subordinate.

But nevertheless, purchasing a property - not only in the South of France - is most clearly an investment and a very large one as well. Large is not only the purchase price; the costs for acquisition and running are also large. These include property acquisition tax, solicitor's fees, agent's commission if applicable, property and habitation tax, maintenance charges for apartments and finally the actual running costs (energy, garden, pool maintenance, security costs as appropriate).

Time and again, in particular when a tax assessment comes or an extensive repair is necessary, the proud owner becomes aware, once more, of this aspect of his holiday home and asks himself "is it really worth it?", as it is obvious that it doesn't really "pay off" at all.

And when, after several years, the strain is so great that one starts to consider this question seriously and to calculate a little, one comes suddenly to the surprising conclusion that it is not only worth it but also that this - well - investment is perhaps even a class better than equivalent investments e.g. in shares or pension funds. The reason for this originally unplanned blessing, lies in the fact that over the past 6 years, property prices for apartments / new buildings in the Département Alpes Maritimes (AM) have risen on average

from 2,280 €/m² to 4,967 €/m²

- an increase of more than 118% (source 1). (The situation in the old building sector is much the same).


An apartment or villa bought six years ago is statistically more than twice as expensive today!

At the latest after gaining this insight (and with the knowledge that each price increase only brings a "theoretical" gain if it is not realised) the emotional holiday homeowner mutates to become a property investor and a potential seller of his lovely home. The emotional bond moves so to speak - at least partly - from the home to the possible profits, and the owners starts to think more precisely about selling.

With our ebook,ebook "Selling property on the Côte d'Azur" , we can offer you, if this applies to you, basic information and decision criteria necessary for this thought process.

The book handles the following questions/topics so thoroughly that it enables you to come to a decision immediately.

  • What is the approximate current market price for my house / apartment? The book supplies very up-to-date and very detailed prices for the most important cities (partly broken down to districts), towns and regions. Last update: Autumn 2006! We are convinced that you will hardly find a better representation of these intricacies on the market.
  • What is the current market situation! How do the experts judge the future development? Is this the right time for a sale, taking price and market aspects into consideration, or is it better to wait a while?
  • Should you market the property with an estate agent or should you rather take care of the sale yourself?
  • Is it better to give an agent a sole mandate or to entrust several agents with the sale?
  • Which are the legal possibilities for the sale?
  • How should one "prepare" a property for sale? Is it better to decorate before selling or rather to leave this to the buyer?
  • What taxes must be paid on profits from the property transaction ("gained value")?

In our ebook "Selling property on the Côte d'Azur", we answer all these questions in depth.

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